The National Dragon Boat Championships on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast was a proud and memorable event for seven Forbes Dragon Boat Club representatives in the Western NSW Squad: Warren and Donna Edwards, Bill and Beth Thomas, Rochelle Smith, Claire Davis and Chris Favelle. 

To experience paddling 500 metre races in this highly esteemed National Event is an amazing achievement. The seven representatives accomplished personal best times in every single race category entered, Women’s, Mixed and Opens with fourth being the best placing on the day and one PB being beaten by 15 seconds. 

The Forbes Dragon Boat Club had the honour of participating in the Commonwealth Baton Relay for the Commonwealth Games, on 29 January 2018. Wendy Green, the club's inaugural president, was given the honour of being the baton bearer on this auspicious occasion. 

The club members, in two boats, paddled and accompanied Wendy and the Queen's baton from Johnny Wood's Crossing to King George V Park, where Wendy handed the Baton on to the next bearer. The paddlers were both proud and humbled to realise that they were the only Dragon Boat in the world to bear the Queen’s Baton on its relay. What a fabulous coup for Forbes!

If you are interested in registering for the current season please put this on your priority list to do.....remember you will need to be a paid member to participate in Regattas and training sessions. 

New and potential members are most welcome under a come and try arrangement for just $5 a session....just come to the shed down on the lake near the bowling club at the beginning of training at 5.45pm on Thursdays (during daylight saving only!) and 8.15am Sundays, and you will be warmly welcomed! Please wear comfortable clothes, hat and closed footwear remembering you may get a tad wet! Also please remember your water bottles as hydration is soooo important 😅


AGM 2 August 2018

At the AGM the following members stood down following their term on the Board and did not seek re-election:

Secretary - Chris Sweeney
Registrar - Kristine Dobell
Shed/Boat/Equipment Coordinator - Ian Prince 

These members, and to those who have generously remained in their elected positions, were thanked for their tireless efforts to ensure the Club has grown, prospered and built on our assets.
The new Executive met on 14 August and we are very pleased to announce the new Board executive members elected for the 2018/19 Season are Deanna Williams, Claire Davis, Ruth Howarth, Rosemary Facey, and Anne-Maree Relf. All positions were made vacant and roles have been decided as follows:

President - Deanna Williams
Secretary - Claire Davis
Treasurer - Michael GreenRegistrar - Rosemary Facey
Regatta Coordinator - Ruth Howarth
Board Member - Anne-Maree Relf
Publicity Officer - Margaret Lambert

Also the following positions support the club:
Head Coach - Chris Favelle
Shed/Boat/Equipment Coordinator - Chris Sweeney
Facebook - Margaret Lambert
Website - Kristine Dobell 

Regattas and Marathons for the 2018/19 Season
Please ensure you are a fully paid member if you are wanting to participate!!

4 November 2018 - Western Region Regatta at Chifley Dam, Bathurst
Others to be advised!