About Us

The Forbes Dragon Boat Club was established in July 2011. We currently train on Lake Forbes.

We are an inclusive club, encouraging paddlers of all ages and abilities to get involved. We welcome social paddlers who just want to experience the joy and friendship of paddling, as well as competitive members who opt to participate in regattas in NSW and ACT.

Regattas are a great day or weekend away but participation is completely optional – just a warning though… the adrenalin surge will have you hooked!

We provide opportunities for people who are less fit, many of whom have not participated in sport since childhood, to attain a new, healthier lifestyle. Many have discovered that they do have the ability to enjoy sport. Endurance and stamina training are regular on our training program. People come to our sessions knowing they will be welcomed and have fun in a friendly, supportive environment regardless of their age or fitness level. We are one of the few team sports where the stronger fitter participants can help the less fit and agile.

Information on Dragon Boating:

Dragon Boats NSW is the governing body for dragon boating in New South Wales and a member of the Australian Dragon Boat Federation.

There are currently over 3200 members residing in all corners of the state including the Forbes Dragon Boat Club and therefore adheres to the sporting and ethical guidelines bound by their membership. Dragon boats can now be found in more than 30 countries around the world and the festivals combine the athleticism with the ancient traditions.

In 2013 DBNSW has introduced a 'sister club program' where clubs have the opportunity to foster relationships between each other, share information, generate goodwill and have fun. Forbes Dragon Boat Club and Mavericks Dragon Boat Club are 'sister clubs' along with many others; more information on this program can be found at http://www.dbnsw.org.au/development/sister-club-program

A standard dragon boat team consists of 22 people: a drummer beating time, 20 paddlers seated two abreast and a sweep steering the boat.

The paddlers work together, stroking in time, moving toward the finish line, while the sweep keeps the boat on course.

The Colours of Forbes Dragon Boat Club

In 2012, not long after the club was formed, it was time to design a regatta shirt. A uniform committee was put together and one of the initial decisions was to pick the club colours. In choosing the uniform for the club, inspiration was sought by looking at some of the other official sport uniforms in town: Forbes Rugby Union Club (blue and white; Forbes Rugby League Club (black and white); Forbes Netball representative teams (blue and white predominantly). It was decided to combine the colours of these clubs and the club colours for the Forbes Dragon Boat Club became blue, black and white.

Regattas and travel

Dragon boating is a unisex sport sport so you can paddle with your partner or friend or come along on your own and meet some new friendly people.

For the competitive sportsperson we attend competitive regattas in regional and metropolitan centres during the season, competing as Lachlan Dragons!

Paddling also provides great travel opportunities be it close to home or further afield. There are opportunities to paddle in Bathurst, Orange, Mudgee, Wagga Wagga, Albury Wodonga, Penrith, Canberra, Jindabyne, Shellharbour, Canberra, Tasmania, Adelaide, Western Australia or potentially overseas including destinations such as New Zealand, Venice, Hawaii' and China.

Some members chose to compete at State level representing the NSW Western Region at the AusDBF Nationals.

Some of our members will participate in long distance paddles just for the fun and camaraderie of the sport: 40km paddle down the Derwent River in Tasmania, 55km Ord River Challenge from Kununurra to Lake Argyle in Western Australia, and even 65 km down the Hawkesbury River at night, an 8 hour paddle.

Clean Up Australia Day

Getting involved

We value our local community and are involved in many local activities, such as: the Forbes Kalari-Lachlan River Arts festival; the Forbes Camel Races; the Australia Day Celebrations; Frost and Fire and Business House Challenge days where we invite local businesses to train and race against each other for fun, enjoyment and friendship.

We are also committed to the annual ‘Clean-up Australia Day’, during which we remove rubbish from Lake Forbes, helping to keep it clean and pristine.

River Arts Festival